We have discovered a skimmer was placed on one our ATMs during a short period of time on March 16th.  All clients affected have been notified.  If you feel you may have been affected by this fraud, please contacct us immediately at 615.446.7100.  Thanks to the Dickson Police Department for their help in trying to solve this crime!

Here are a few tips to avoid skimmers on ATMs and gas pumps:

  • Look before you insert your card.  Wiggle the ATM card reader to see if it's loose.  Be wary if it's hard to insert your card.
  • Take a good look at the keyboard and card reader.  If something looks different from the last time you used the ATM, notify the bank.
  • Use fuel pumps and ATMs in safe places.  Consider paying inside, with cash or a credit card, rather than at the pump.
  • Set up fraud alerts using our SecurLock app and check your card statements.  The SecurLock app will alert you immediately as soon as your card is used.

Click here for more information. Tips on how to avoid skimmers at ATMs and Gas Pumps