Earn when you learn — for real! TriStar Bank recognizes the value of encouraging students to excel in their academic potential — so we created the TriStar Bank *Star* Student Program. This program is designed for all K-12 students to earn money for good grades and attendance, while learning responsible saving.

  • Simple program to encourage students to learn, earn and save
  • Star Student Savings Program earnings must be deposited into the student’s TriStar Youth Savings Account

  • How to Enroll

  • Student must be present to open a TriStar Youth Savings Account
  • Identification is required for all account holders
    • Acceptable ID includes: social security card, birth certificate, student ID card, firearm license, passport or state driver’s license
  • Actual report card should be presented to bank representative to be eligible for rewards

  • How to Earn

  • Academic performance to be rewarded as:
    • $1.00 for each “A”, up to 5 “A’s” (grades 3 & up)
    • $1.00 for each “X” (Kindergarten)
    • $1.00 for each “2+” (1st & 2nd grade)
  • Perfect attendance will earn an additional $10.00 each new report card period
    • “Perfect attendance” means zero absences in a reporting period— excused or unexcused
    • The money must remain in their savings account until June 1 of the current school year.
    • You or your child may make other deposits into this account at any time
    • No more than 6 total withdrawals and/or transfers may be made within one month (ask for details)
See our Star Student Savings Program pdf

For even more information, please contact a TriStar Bank representative.