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Small Business Banking Comes with Perks for Business Owners


Small Business Banking Comes with Perks for Business Owners

Small Business Comes with Perks for Business Owners


Small Business Loans May Be Approved Faster at Community Banks

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re the proud owner of an existing small business in Tennessee, it’s likely that you’ll need an influx of funds to keep the dream (and the business) alive.

Large commercial banks often offer low-interest rates and hefty loan amounts. However, commercial banking institutions have been historically reluctant to approve small business loans. In a booming economy, a commercial bank may approve just under 30% of small business loan requests. Iin a recession or downturned market, the percentage of small business loans approved by commercial banks plummets.

However, a local small business bank, like TriStar, can see past the immediate market outlook and into their own community’s needs and forecasted growth. Additionally, as a community bank, TriStar is positioned well to understand your small business plans and needs, evaluating your business using the entire spectrum of the 5 C’s.

Thus, when you apply for a small business loan with TriStar, you’re sitting down with a neighbor from the community to share your business plans and dreams. Our small business bankers will come alongside you to help those dreams become a reality by pairing your needs with the right small business loan and working to get your loan approved in a timely manner so you can get back to the business at hand.

Small Business Bank Accounts Benefit from the Human Element Found at Community Banks

When there’s an issue with your small business bank account, yelling “REPRESENTATIVE” into the automated phone system abyss can be more than frustrating. However, when you partner with your community bank by parking your small business bank account at TriStar, you’ll be greeted by an actual human with the desire and authority to solve your business banking problems.

Our small business bankers at TriStar are people who live and work in your community. They understand what it’s like to run out of checks when a bill is due or to need a line of credit when that expensive piece of equipment needs to be replaced asap.

At TriStar, small business bankers like you are our priority. When you step into a TriStar branch or reach us over the phone, we stop to listen, understand, and provide small business banking solutions to get you back on track.

Our business bankers are led by experienced leaders with multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Our diverse range of knowledge and depth of experience make us the ideal partners for business owners like accountants, attorneys, wealth management professionals, medical professionals, and more.

Small Business Owners Experience In-Person Service at Community Bank Branches

Serving the communities of Tennessee for over 22 years, TriStar operates seven conveniently located branches throughout Dickson County and Maury County. While many of these locations also offer ITMs, we maintain the stance that seeing our small business banking customers in person is always a joy.

Our trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable bankers are honored to provide exceptional customer service inside our Tennessee community bank branches during regular business hours. However, when your needs arise outside of operating hours, you can likely find your solution via our iBanker or digital banking services.

Providing stellar service is written into our values, and our ultimate vision is to see you leave with a small and come back as a friend. This commitment to comprehensive care and intelligent yet approachable in-person service allows us to partner with small businesses when they’re just starting out and to continue to support them as they grow and evolve.

Connect with a Small Business Banker to Learn More

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re seeking to switch to a community banker that cares, connect with your Tennessee small business banker at TriStar. Our bankers are standing by, ready to learn about your small business and help you navigate which small business banking solutions align with your goals.




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